Inspection Services

All inspection services are carried out to industry standard specs to include

DS-1 CAT 2 TO 5
NS-1 CAT 2 TO 5

Premium Thread Inspection

All inspectors are qualified to minimum ASNT-level 2, for EMI, MPI, DIE-PEN, EDDY CURRENT, U/T.

Certification and eye test certificates are available and are regularly, monitored and retested as required by ASNT

Drill Pipe Units

NEW TECH, Techscope EZW-11tm system, 3 units

This system is an industry proven design and is high speed, very durable for field work, the tranverse flaw detection system is extremely accurate and the units are equipped with a Hall effect true wall monitoring, the units are set up quickly and are calibrated at site using the calibration joints provided for each size of pipe that is inspected.

Pipe sizes are 2 3/8” to 6 5/8”

GE Krautkramer USN-60 digital ultrasonic flaw detection unit

U/T inspection shear wave method, with multi probe heads for the end areas of drill pipe

BHA BLACK LIGHT MPI units, 7 units.

Standard MPI units for MPI of BHA assembly’s, and drilling tools and equipment, each kit is provided with magnetizing / de-mag coils to ensure correct levels of magnetized material, and after inspection these are de-magnetized.

Also provided with AC yoke and accories for MPI inspection on other equipment.

Die penetrate kits are also included in these kits for the inspection of non carbon steel equipment

Field type re-facing equipment is also included with each unit

Tubing and Casing Inspection

Full length drifting with Teflon drifts or steel drifts to all sizes and weights

SEA inspection of couplings and ends

VTI inspection

Full length EMI inspection of tubing to 5” OD

Wall thickness verification